The Pretender
1998, 1999 USA
7.5/10 13 459
Everyone appears to have survived the bomb blast, except for Gar. Mr. Parker tells Miss Parker that the Triumvirate has decided to bring in someone to help her locate Jarod, who disappeared after the explosion. A surveillance tape at a Centre records lab shows him crazed, seemingly insane. Parker laments to Broots that Sydney has not turned up. Suspicious of Raines's time spent in the Renewal Wing, she follows him and happens upon Syd, being "reeducated". He was blinded by the blast. He is there at Raines's behest, for planting the bomb. Parker and Broots learn that Lyle is back; he is their new partner, and he needs Sydney - rewrites the bomb report to blame Gar. Parker gets blood samples from Lyle and Angelo, to determine who is her brother. Broots discovers that Mr. Parker convinced the Triumvirate to bring Lyle back. Jarod, meanwhile, has himself committed to a mental sanitorium. There, he tells Dr. Goetz the story of his life as a Pretender, sounding perfectly paranoid and delusional. At night, he secrets away to meet with another patient, Mary, who tried to escape years before with patient Erica. Jarod tells Mary to stop taking her drugs. In a few more nights, he returns and hears her story - Dr. Blythe had impregnated Erica and wanted her to abort. She refused, and Mary helped Erica escape. But Blythe caught up with them, killed Erica, and drowned her. He kept Mary on inappropriate drugs to prevent her from revealing the truth. He forces Blythe to confess. Lyle and Parker rush to the asylum to snatch Jarod, but he has already left. Parker gets the results of the blood test - Lyle is her brother.
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