1h 39m
8 (2)


Lucie is in remission and her illness is almost a distant memory. Her family pushes her to live life to the fullest, and in doing so Lucie meets the charming and arrogant Clovis, who is immediately beguiled by her wit and humor. It is Dalila, however, an eccentric and delightful dance teacher, who inspires Lucie to rebuild her life and to grow into the woman she always wanted to be. For her mother, for her daughter, for Clovis.

Metai: 2017

Šalis: France, Belgium

Režisierius: Anne-Gaëlle Daval

Žanras: Komedija Romantinis Drama

Aktoriai: Florence Foresti, Mathieu Kassovitz, Nicole Garcia, Jonathan Cohen, Olivia Bonamy

Kalba: Lietuvių (Profesionalus, dvibalsis)

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6.0 HD 2022
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5.0 HD 2018
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6.7 HD 2018
7.1 HD S4
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5.6 HD 2016
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7.7 HD 2001
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6.4 HD 2017