Sveika atvykusi pas mus

Sveika atvykusi pas mus

Welcome Aboard

1h 32m
9 (1)


Despite his fame, Taillandier has suddenly stopped painting. Deeply depressed, the sixty-year-old decides to go away. He has no clear goal and explains nothing to his close friends. During his travels, he has a strange encounter with Marylou, a wild teenager who was rejected by her mother. The lost girl and the man at the end of his tether will travel together awhile. Finally living like a father and daughter, at peace.

Metai: 2012

Šalis: France

Režisierius: Jean Becker

Žanras: Drama

Aktoriai: Patrick Chesnais, Jeanne Lambert, Miou-Miou, Jacques Weber

Kalba: Lietuvių (Profesionalus, dvibalsis)

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