Kodėl aš gyvas

Kodėl aš gyvas

Why I'm Alive

10 (4)


The year is 1940, a year before Nazi Germany attacks Communist Russia. The place is Azov Sea-bound small Ukrainian town of Mariupol. Seventeen-year-old Ukrainian girl Frosya and Jewish-Ukrainian boy Lionchyk fall in love with each other: they dream of getting married and starting a family. But Frosya follows Christianity, while Lyonchyk follows Judaism, and it is very difficult for the girl's father, Oleksiy, to agree to betroth her to a non-Christian. Oleksiy is a good man, but a staunch Christian believer. How can he give up his religious beliefs and let a non-believer into his family? But things quickly change when Frosya gets pregnant and the World War II reaches Mariupol.

Metai: 2021

Šalis: Ukraine, Georgia

Režisierius: Villen Novak

Žanras: Drama

Aktoriai: Georgiy Deliev, Aleksey Gorbunov, Oleksii Leibiuk, Irina Melnik

Kalba: Lietuvių (Profesionalus, vienbalsis)

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